Have you ever had a Suppli?

Well, it’s a typical roman fast finger food.  Ingredients are: rice, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, all of this fried to make it look crispy and gold.  My family and I have a passion for Suppli so I have always been going around tasting and trying the best ones.

Well, today I went to Sisini, in piazza re di roma, San Giovanni area.  Got in and saw 5-7 people devouring suppli around me.  I walk to the guy serving and ask for a suppli, he looks at me and says, “you want two, don’t worry they are good (nevoidue, quessisobonifidate)”.

Ate one and then two and then I left satisfied.

Here is a list of the best suppli places in Rome, worth trying all of them!


2015-04-23 12.47.22


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